From The Desk Of Honorable Secretary Education

S. Mohinder Singh Ahli
(Secretary Education)

Ever since its inception, Dashmesh Khalsa College is intrinsically linked with the development of its mission: ‘To provide quality education of global standards. It also aims to impart a unique blend of culture and modern technology to equip students with such disciplines, philosophy and ethics that promote holistic growth.’

In my capacity as Secretary Education, SGPC, it is my great pleasure to be associated with this young institution which aims at imparting value-based education that helps create independent, free thinking individuals who will combine service with excellence.

Dashmesh Khalsa College has placed the progress and well being of its students at the centre of everything it undertakes. During the course of time, the college has nurtured the talents to suit the changing education system. Along the way, Dashmesh Khalsa College has built up a desirable reputation as a hub of transfer of knowledge, a pioneer in innovation and research and an exemplary provider of valuable services in the community. With its concerted efforts, I am confident that Dashmesh Khalsa College will continue to rise to challenges ahead and nurture talents for the globalised and knowledge based education of the 21st century.

S. Mohinder Singh Ahli

Secretary Education

S.G.P.C., Sri Amritsar